A Baffling Thought

Why the hell would anyone want to reenact the Civil War?

Seriously. There are people who do this, and I just don't get it. Why is this considered okay? If some guys got together and reenacted the signing of the Treaty Of Ghent, people would think they were nuts. Imagine if someone said to you, "Want to come over on Saturday? It's January, and we're going to dress up in Revolutionary War uniforms and row across the Potomac. I'm going to stand there with an easel and oil paints and pretend to be Emmanuel Leutze. It'll be great!" You wouldn't be able to get away fast enough. However, if a bunch of guys dress up in Civil War uniforms and go out to a field and pretend to shoot at each other, then gurgle and fall over and lie around in the dirt for a while, somehow this is business as usual. What the hell is that about? Is this really the most productive thing they can think of to do? Have these people got nothing better to do with their lives than pretend they're in Shiloh circa 1862? Hundreds of thousands of people died in battle. This is a fun pasttime? Something is very wrong with this.

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