A Pair Of Memorable Quotes

Early in the day, I had a brief discussion with Mark about global warming. There are some people at work who hate snow more than they hate child molesters (I'm exaggerating, but only slightly), so Mark and I are always joking about how it's going to snow. I made a crack about how our descendants will never know what snow is (essentially the same joke Stephen Colbert made about glaciers at the Correspondents' Dinner) thanks to global warming, and Mark said, "Yeah, if you believe in that." We had a quick back and forth, where I mentioned that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hasn't been this high in half a million years, but he tried to pin it all on methane from cow farts. I made what I thought was a pretty good point, saying that methane and carbon dioxide are not the same thing, and his response was so good that I wrote it down.

"Cows farting. Methane. That ruins the ozone which increases your thingie."

End of debate. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the case against global warming.

Later, Paul was helping Janeen with some tech problem. We had a timekeeping system that worked fine, so the updated it, and now it's nothing but trouble, because that's what software engineers do. Paul explained something to Janeen, who responded, "Thanks. Paul, you are the bomb-diggity."

I overheard that and started laughing, which got Paul and Janeen laughing too. I'd never heard anyone described as the bomb-diggity before. Janeen then corrected herself, saying that since Kim was the one who showed Paul how the system worked, Kim had to be the bomb-diggity. "But you're still the bomb, Paul," she reassured him.

A little while later, I said to Paul, "Tough break, Paul. They always say the one thing that no one can ever take away from a person is their diggity..."

Well, I thought it was funny. He sort of did, but he also referred to himself as the Paul-diggity, so I think he'd already forgotten how the original conversation went.

Also a few of us went to see The World/Inferno Friendship Society play in, as it turned out, a church basement, but I'm going to save that story for later.

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