Odds And Ends

Some random comments that I've been meaning to post for the last few days but haven't gotten around to because of the stuff from the last two entries...

I've had some odd dreams recently. On Tuesday morning I had one that involved elements of St. Paul's Church where a number of my relatives attend services, Steve's basement complete with the pool table (which in the dream was damaged, so if you shot the ball into one of the corner pockets it just hit the floor and kept rolling), a random coworker from my job, and zombies. I don't really want to think about what part of my mind spit out that combination.

The next night I had another dream, this one involving a vaguely formal dinner reception. I specifically remember getting my food, and the ham looked really good, but the dream ended before I could taste it, which I was somewhat annoyed by. I also remember that at one point, even though not everyone was seated yet, the people who worked there were getting a head start on cleaning up by folding up tables and trying to store them away in the middle of the event. One guy, trying to sit down to eat only to have someone chase him so he could put away the table, got pissed off, tipped the table, then slammed his plate off the guy's head, leading to an inane little wrestling match until security showed up. Also another person from work was there, a supervisor this time. I was watching as three people talked, then went to take pictures. Two stood in place while a woman went to my left. I raised my camera to take a picture of her and the supervisor said, "She doesn't want her picture online, either," leading me to slam down my camera in disgust. That's when I realized that the whole deal bothered me more than I realized, ultimately resulting in my entry from two days ago.

In non-dream news, I made some vague effort to clean my desk at work recently, and I found a few things worth sharing. One was another quote from someone protesting the Gay Games, which I wrote about some time back. This person wrote, "Those who promote the repulsive as acceptable are enemies of humanity. How do you define decetcy?" The problem with the second sentence is far more obvious, but the first sentence is really the one that's completely wrong.

I also found this quote, conveniently dated February 28, 2005, from a co-worker whose name I didn't write down: "He's kind of old to be living on the couch. He's 37!" I've often talked about writing down odd quotes out of context for amusement down the road, perhaps with an explanation so I can find out what the quote means if I can't remember on my own. Apparently I started this at one point and forgot all about it, because I have no idea what this quote means.

I also don't recall what the deal is with this:

I have only the vaguest recollection of having to ask what this meant one day when I found this note on my desk. I showed it to Eric, who claimed that I had made this up to explain why he worked a "Weasel Shift," which is a term I used to describe the day he only worked three hours to make up the difference between his normal shift and the five hours he worked on Saturdays. I somehow don't think that's correct, but I have no proof, and he seemed confident that he remembered it clearly. I guess I'll have to take his word for it.

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