A New Year Begins

First entry of the new year, a bit later than I would have hoped, but here it is. My entire readership of three people has asked me why I haven't been updated, so here goes:

Yesterday was my Aunt Ginny's birthday. Happy birthday.

Yesterday was also my coworker Stacey's birthday. Happy birthday. She's been talking for a while about taking some classes and getting a degree to become a teacher, but has been worried about the math requirements.

She's not as bad as Janeen, though. Janeen had a brain cramp moment the other day where she was doing some real simple math, four divided by two, and put it in the calculator anyway just for confirmation. She hit the equal sign, and the two stayed as a two, and she frowned, wondering Why didn't that change, and she worried that the calculator might be broken. This went on for a little while before it clicked in her head. I told just one person about this, but now everyone knows, because according to the person I told, "You told the wrong person."

Anyway, to help Stacey with a refresher in trig, I offered to dig out my old college math textbook. I first offered this some months ago, but I keep forgetting to check. I finally dug it out on Monday night, and found it wasn't trig, it was calculus. Stacey said on Tuesday that that was okay, she may need to refresh her memory on that as well, so I offered to bring it in the next day. "Just put a bow on it," she said, since it would be her birthday.

That's exactly what I did. There's a tiny red bow that's been on the floor for about two weeks because the cats were interested in it. I picked it up and taped it to the front of the calculus book, and on the inside front cover I wrote with a Sharpie, "Worst. Birthday present. EVER." She was amused. Maybe she heard it said in Comic Book Guy's voice, like I did. I hope she finds the book useful. It's gotta do more for her than it did for me sitting on my closet floor for the past decade.

There's more I wanted to say, but I can't recall it at the time. Ah well. Next time, I guess.

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