The Big Print

Porcupine Tree's new CD Fear Of A Blank Planet was released yesterday, and I bought a copy on the way home from work. I listened to it that night and liked it, but I decided to take it in to work with me today to listen to it there and pay closer attention to the lyrics. It turns out it's a really good CD, dark (which I like) but intelligent and enjoyable, especially the title track. Green Day wishes they could write 'em like this.

Midway through the day, it struck me that on the entire CD case, from the name of the band and CD on the sides to the track listing on the back to the entire booklet with the lyrics and acknowledgements, the largest print on the entire thing is a notice on the back that reads "Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law." Nice of the record label to make clear what they consider the most important part of the CD to be.

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