And now for SportsCenter's non-stop coverage of the Brett Favre saga, in which nothing ever happens but it takes a tremendous amount of time to analyze and interpret these lack of events.

As we talk about Favre, we will show highlights of Favre's last few seasons. We have hours and hours of footage to choose from, but will simply replay the same dozen clips over and over as we discuss him.

Brett Favre left training camp earlier today after meeting with Packers officials. Here is footage of Brett Favre driving out of camp. You can't see him inside the truck as it's driving away, but it's his truck, so we'll show this a few times. Not more than eleven or twelve, this segment anyway.

Now our football experts, who successfully predicted which teams would beat the spread 52% of the time last season will weigh in with their insightful opinions. These basically boil down to the following:

We have just received this further update that Brett Favre's plane has taken off and he has left Green Bay. More on this as it develops. Now, we speak to some fans for their insightful opinions.

Now a quick break from the Favre story for this baseball update: Yankees! Red Sox! Yankees! Red Sox! Yankees! Red Sox! Yankees! Red Sox! Rivalry! New York had the day off. Boston played Baltimore and won 7-3, with Favre going 1 for 4 with a walk.

Now back to Favre, and possible trade destinations for Favre, and what that will mean for the quarterbacks potentially displaced by Favre, some Madden 09 Favre updates, Favre on Favre, Favre's thoughts on Favre, other people's opinions on Favre, Favre anecdotes, how many Favres it takes to screw in a light bulb, and more on Favre.

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