Links To Sites Not As Good As This One

Pretty much every link I had on this page no longer works, so I'm providing this friendly note to tell you to get lost until such time as I link all the great new sites I've found that still aren't as good as this one, but are a lot of fun nonetheless.

Steve Likes To Curse

My friend Steve is back on the web and cursing up a storm, though not as large a storm as the title might suggest. And unlike me, he updates daily. Be sure to check this out.

Be sure to check out the Superfriends page. There's also some good stuff on the Stupid page, especially the Comic Advertising.

Great site. Use the search on the right, because, sadly, most of the articles on this wonderful site are no longer linked in any way, shape, or form. I'd email and give him grief, but he's a hell of a lot more productive with his site than I am with mine, and besides, if you've got an active imagination or no life you can treat it as a scavenger hunt! What fun! Right? Shut up.

Doesn't anyone I link give their site an actual name?

Apparently not. Good writer. Prolific writer. Hasn't bothered to name his site yet, but give him a chance anyway.

Gone And Forgotten

There we go. A site about the very worst that comics has ever offered us.

The Onion

Duh. This newspaper is nearly as funny as USA Today. It is also—and it is sad to have to say this, but such is the state of the United States media—more honest.

Interesting stories, some wonderful photography, and probably the single most comprehensive list of life's little annoyances ever compiled at any point in the history of mankind.


This one, I think, I'll let speak for itself.

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This page was originally created on Jan 28 1997.