Varjak's Center of
Insanity and Death

(Insanity and death forthcoming)

Welcome to Varjak's Center of Insanity and Death. No drawn-out intros, meaningless banter, or half-promises about future additions to the site that will never come to fruition. Time to just let the site speak for itself, and for me. This site says more about me than any actual attempt to describe myself ever could. Go figure.

Please be aware that at the moment, this site is rather hastily thrown together and contains the bane of the internet (after spam): Broken links. I apologize for that and will get the site up and running properly as soon as possible. The new design is still simple but it's my first time using frames, so I may not have gotten everything right. If you find any broken links, just email me and I'll get them taken care of as soon as possible.

I also had some pop-up ads. Those were caused by the counter service I was using, so all of that is gone. I hate pop-up ads but didn't realize they were on my site because I use Mozilla, which blocks them. All the code that caused the ads is now gone, the site can be navigated using the links on the left, and anyone who still uses IE is politely informed that they are the recipients of my deepest sympathies and derision.

If, by chance, you ended up on this site through a link that didn't take you to the front page, you probably can't see the navigation guide at the left. Click here to correct this.

The following Very Important Notices are still in effect:

Always Remember

Sweeping generalizations are always bad.

If you wish to send Varjak comments, suggestions, criticisms, and/or death threats,
you can do so directly at this address.

This site was originally created on Jan 28 1997.
The new version of this site was created on Apr 30 2004 at 8:58 PM EST.
The framed version of this site was created on Aug 10 2006 at 4:21 PM EST.
The current counter has been active since Sep 7 2006 at 4:02 PM EST.

My Guarantee To You

If, upon viewing this site, you do not feel that it is the source of insanity and death that you were led to believe from the site's title, I guarantee you that I do not care.

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