A Poem To Be Forgotten

A flower grows
In a meadow
Thriving in
The sun's bright light
A honeybee lands
Takes some pollen
Flies away
The flower dies
And is forgotten
The bee flies on
Lands at his hive
Gives the pollen
To make honey
And it builds up
A human comes
Takes the honey
The bee dies
And is forgotten
The honey is jarred
Crated, shipped, bought
Another man
Eats the honey
And it is forgotten
The human grows
And goes to work
Lands on Luna
Builds a base
For all to see
The human dies
And is forgotten
Time goes on
Man grows wiser
Ventures farther
Goes past Alpha
Goes past the
The base is left
And is forgotten
Man goes farther
Tries to leave
A reminder
Oh his existance
Man grows old
Loses purpose
He goes extinct
And is forgotten
Work, strive, work, strive
What's the purpose?
Time will come when
We are gone
We cannot hope
To be remembered
And yet we try to
So on we go
Ignorant of the day
When we will die
And be forgotten