The Debate

So there was this brouhaha on a message board I once frequented that Nightwing, a regular there at the time, was sorta involved with, and in defending his position he said some things that I didn't agree with. So, I called him on it. Then he defended his position, and we had a nice little debate going. Then, the debate went kinda screwy, as things tend to do when me and Nightwing are involved. Then it ended due to apathy on Nightwing's part. After it ended, I thought it was rather entertaining overall, so I decided to save copies of the posts that made up the thread. So, here they are. They should be self explanatory in the early going. In the later ones, you may not understand the references being tossed back and forth, but I don't care. It's my site and I'll put up inside jokes if I want to, and you can't stop me. So nyah!

Anyhoo (whatever the hell that means), click here to see the first post in this debate. I hope you like it.

One other word, since believe it or not I have actually had trouble with this: This debate is over, okay? There is absolutely no need to post part or all of it anywhere else ever again. It's here. Anyone who wants to see it can come here and see it. Nor is there any need to chime in with your own two cents; no one is listening anymore. Thank you.

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