Chinese Fire Drill Week

The last two days at work have been Chinese Fire Drill days (a phrase that I find hilarious despite the fact that I have no clue what it actually means). Just to keep things interesting, they move all our seats around from time to time, and in the case of our team, they have to move computers as well. Some computers have extra programs on them that not installed on all computers, because Microsoft tends to charge a kidney and a cornea for licensing rights on their crappy software that is always crashing and the company is trying to save a buck. This means that when people move, a lot of computers have to be moved to. They also have to draw up chains of movement. ("Well, we'll move Mindy to the open seat, and then Judith can move to Mindy's seat, and once she's moved Amy will take her place, and David can take her old seat..." This took two entire days and generated quite likely thousands of pages of paper, all of which will be utterly useless by Friday.) We added more people to our team as well, and now our sign-in sheet looks like the roster for the United States House Of Representatives, only more equitably split along gender lines.

Shortly after I moved, Chris said something, I forget why, that I think is quite common as a personal philosophy. "What can I say?" he said. "I just get by." I don't believe that's his own personal philosophy, seeing as he changed his shift at work to take night classes, but think of how many people you know who can be summed up in those four simple words. "I just get by." Lots of people. Too many, now that I think about it. Sad, really.

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