Fractured English

At work I handled a letter that had an address label on it with some text on it instead of a picture. It read: "I Support Cystic Fibrosis." That seemed strange to me. Most people are against cystic fibrosis. They support efforts to find a cure.

Creative misuses of the English language are everywhere if you're paying attention. Sadly, in my experience they are fairly common at college. In one day at college I heard one person, with no sense of irony whatsoever, refer to colon cancer as "the number two cancer killer in America," and later heard another person refer to a man who had made a large donation to the college's athletic department as an "athletics supporter."

More than once I had someone collecting donations for a cause stick a can in my face and say something like "Help fight children with AIDS!" Isn't that sad? They're children and they have AIDS. You should be able to fight them without any help. One swing and POW, down they go. My advice would be to wear rubber gloves.

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