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Updating the last entry...

I find it interesting that the praise for the company's support of the Gay Games is trickling in steady while the complaints come in fits and starts. The other day we went from zero calls in queue to a record one hundred eighty-three and back down to zero in the span of fifteen minutes. (Twenty calls in queue is considered a lot.) There was a radio broadcast that referenced us so everyone immediately called in all at once. It's kind of creepy. Reminds me of Pavlov's dogs, responding to a stimulus. Or maybe a cult. "Call this number. Complain about this. Await further instructions." The contacts spike whenever certain organizations tell people to contact us. I maintain that people this far to the right are very much in the minority, but they're phenomenally well organized.

At least this time all the words in the online form email we're getting bombarded with are spelled correctly. This isn't always the case. You'd think people would proofread the stuff they're sending in, but again, they're just mindlessly following instructions. There's no actual effort expended on their part at all.

Meanwhile, I've accumulated several more genius comments, which I will then follow up with the mandatory smart ass remark. All typos are left just as we received them.

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