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March 1, 2007

A New Year Begins
Well, more or less, anyway. The first entry of the year comes much later than I had intended, and focuses mostly on other people's birthdays and difficulties with math.
March 24, 2007

A Eulogy For Andrew

I wrote this one a while ago and only recently put it into HTML format. Some time earlier, I had written a story called Suburban Palladium, in which a serious issue was addressed through a comedic story. Once it was written, I decided to write about the same issue, only this time I wanted to approach it seriously. This is the result.
April 19, 2007

Medical Leave
I and a coworker have both missed time recently for medical reasons. I may not be the most impartial person in the world, but I can safely say that my time off is far more warranted than hers.
April 25, 2007

The Big Print
Sometimes you have to read through all the fine print to figure out what's really considered important. Other times, figuring it out is a much simpler matter.
April 26, 2007

Cause Or Effect
Two entries in two days is not a sign the Earth is about to spin off its axis, but it may be considering it. In this entry, I take issue with the belief that dealing with the effect of a problem is a complete solution, as opposed to dealing with the cause as well.
April 27, 2007

The Happy Fun Pitcher
Sure, it's a pitcher, and sure, it's meant to hold liquid, but there are very strict rules regarding what kind of liquid can safely be placed it that are broken only at your own risk.
April 28, 2007

Today's Big Event
Just in case you weren't aware.
May 21, 2007

There's a good chance...
July 8, 2007

Very Belated Commentary Regarding Previous Entry's Prediciton
Okay, so the good chance didn't pan out. What we did get on the season finale, however, wasn't nearly a good as it should have been.
September 30, 2007

Eleven more to go.

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